WTC Team Canada – Information

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What is the WTC?

The World Team Championship is an international Warmachine & Hordes competition. Teams of five players from one country are paired up against another team of five from a different country. Each player plays a match against a player on the opposing country’s team. The performance of each player in their individual games determines the winner of the match between the countries. More information can be found HERE.

How can I apply to be on the team?

Those interested in applying for the team can peruse this document. Of note is the $30 non-refundable application fee – these funds will go towards the WTC’s team entry fee. The application process will be used to shortlist applicants for the next round of selection, which will consist of interviews.

The committee is looking for players that are financially capable of making the trip to Poland with potentially little to no assistance, would be good ambassadors for Canada in the global Warmachine/Hordes community, and are players that would give Canada a good showing in the tournament.

How can I help send Team Canada to Poland?

While the committee and our partners in the Warmachine & Hordes community at large are anticipating a fundraising campaign, we currently are not accepting donations. When we have a fundraising campaign in place, we will announce it. Stay tuned!

Who are the Team Canada Selection Committee?

Chair: Tim Banky PG_TimtheEnchanter
Vice Chair: Cam Buskell PG_ScreaminDaemon
Secretary: Douglas Duncan PG_SprocketMonkey
Treasurer: Geoff McMartin PG_RevGeoff
Fundraising Officer: Chris Orr PG_Cridler
Recruitment Officer: Philipe-Oliver Brown PG_Noble Rain
Public Relations Officer: Matt Clark PG_Mr. Golden Deal