Team Canada at WTC 2014: The Plan

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The Warmachine and Hordes World Team Championships (WTC) this year have come and gone, Canada unrepresented.  For anyone unaware, the WTC is billed as “an independently run, annual, international team tournament for the game of Warmachine & Hordes created by Privateer Press.”  In practice, the event is one of the better examples of amazingly talented, innovative players coming together and representing something larger than personal pride.  Details about this non-profit organization can be found here.

The event was extremely well received this year, and promises to only grow in scale.  Next year, with the help of some very bright and motivated minds, Canada plans to send a team of our best.

While the event is less than a year away, deadlines for registration approach rapidly.  With short notice, and major geographic challenges facing our nation, here’s the plan we’ve put together:

  1. Gather a group of active Canadians from a variety of strong Warmachine communities.
  2. From this group, narrow down and form a Selection Committee to review applicants for WTC Team Canada
  3. Spread the word, inviting those who can offer support to the team, and those wishing to try out for it, the opportunity to come forward
  4. As a Selection Committee, create an application process and determine criteria.
  5. Narrow down applicants by resume, interview, and reference.
  6. Help the finally selected team see success in 2014

Now obviously, this is just the skeleton of the plan.  A lot more goes into this process, but we’re already well through items 1 and 2, and moving quickly with item 3.  We’re going to need help along the way, and we want everyone to know what we’re doing, and why we’re doing it–we want to do our nation proud, and showcase our great players on an international stage.

We welcome feedback!  Please do your best to be constructive in offering it.  We’re all focused on three things, in priority order: sending at team to WTC 2014, having that team reflect well on our country, and helping those players do well.

Chair of Canadian WTC Selection Committee

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  1. Douglas DuncanDouglas Duncan said:

    Excited to see if we can assemble the finest selection of gamers that Canada has to offer. Let’s show the world that Canadians know how to throw-down!

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