Team Canada Roster Finalized

After months of applications, interviews, and debate, the Selection Committee has determined the team roster. We were thankfully able to get enough applicants to field two teams, so without further ado, Team Canada:

Team One

Marc-André Leblanc (C) Ontario
Gord Weppler Alberta
Brynn Holdstock Alberta
Tyler Webb Alberta
Lukasz Kruszewski British Columbia

Team Two

Gerry Hodgson (C) Alberta
Ron Marchant Ontario
John McNeil Ontario
Nicholas Tannous Ontario
Dustin McWhirter Ontario


Congratulations to everyone on the team. To those who did not make it on the team this year, we certainly encourage you to keep trying in years to come. Also, if you’re interested in heading to Poland and getting some international competition in (outside of the WTC) there’s the Solo Masters tournament taking place over the same weekend. For more information you can take a look here.

Keep an eye out in the very near future as we announce details for fundraising and other news regarding the WTC.


  1. Freeman Carter said:

    Any particular reason that the players aren’t split up by region? Seems like a added difficulty that doesn’t need to be there. Just my opinion.

    • Tim the EnchanterTim the Enchanter said:

      This year, the committee made the conscious choice to send a united front of players from disparate metas. The players chosen are passionate and coordinated people and we have faith they will do well for us as a country. Factions a player is comfortable with and adding variety to metas to break up patterns of thinking were major consideration.

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