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2015 WTC: Team Canada Application Form

2015 WTC: Team Canada Application Form

Here it is. If you want a shot at going to Ireland for the World Team Championship 2015, then show us what you’ve got! 2015 WTC Team Canada Application Form The form will be closed Friday, Feb 13, 2015.  This will allow those travelling to Templecon and Las Vegas Open to pad your resume with

GrotsCon 2014: Final Standings

Lists can be found here. GrotsCon Lists   GrotsCon 2014 Steamroller Report! Top 54 Players Name Faction Score (SoS)(CP)(PC Destroyed) 1 Ryan Tomlinson Cryx 6 (17.0)(10)(179) 2 Jeremy Brunner Trollbloods 5 (18.0)(1)(243) 3 Gerry Hodgson Trollbloods 5 (16.0)(0)(187) 4 Brynn Holdstock Protectorate of Menoth 4 (14.0)(17)(202) 5 Sean Wilde Trollbloods 3 (12.0)(13)(146) 6 Andy Huynh

Southern Ontario Open Expanding

The Southern Ontario Open has generated a huge amount of demand for additional spaces in the tournament. After consultations with organizers and the venue, it’s been decided to increase the Masters tournament to 96 spaces! What does this mean? First and foremost, it means a longer tournament: with the Swiss tournament system, an overall winner

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Team Canada at WTC 2014: The Plan

The Warmachine and Hordes World Team Championships (WTC) this year have come and gone, Canada unrepresented.  For anyone unaware, the WTC is billed as “an independently run, annual, international team tournament for the game of Warmachine & Hordes created by Privateer Press.”  In practice, the event is one of the better examples of amazingly talented,