Southern Ontario Open


Saturday May 24 – 25, 2014

Saturday: Registration starts at 10am, dice roll at 11am.

Sunday: Games start at 11am.


Royal Canadian Legion Branch 58

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This will be a tournament using the Masters 2014 rules set. You can go over the specifics of what that entails here, but here’s the gist of it:

  • Three 50 point lists (normal character restrictions)
  • No painting requirement  – however, painted armies are highly encouraged!
  • Death Clock
  • Limited number of scenarios



The Masters tournament is a Warmachine Weekend 2014 Invitational Qualifier event. The specifics of how the qualifier events work can be found at the Warmachine Weekend website.

The Masters tournament will have a maximum capacity of 96 players – 4 rounds will be played on Saturday, the top 16 will play another 3 rounds on Sunday. For those who don’t make the top 16 there will be additional gaming on Sunday as well, but limited space due to the venue not having as much space on Sunday.

There will also be a 35 point standard Steamroller 2014 tournament on Saturday, aimed at getting newer players out to bigger events: the “Youngbloods” tournament.

We’ll be having some great prize support for the event as well. There will be round prizes, best in faction prizes, and door prizes. Stay tuned for announcements regarding prizing in the future.

How Do I Attend?

Great question! To secure your spot in the tournament, an entry fee will be collected (to cover costs). The entry fee is $20.

The Masters will be adding an additional 32 spots. We will need time to contact those on the wait list and register them. Once that has been done, any additional spots will be opened up to be purchased here. If the buttons below show that a tournament is sold out, get on the waiting list by e-mailing me with your contact information and what tournament you were interested in.

Masters Tournament Youngbloods Tournament


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  4. Josh Crowe said:

    Hi, I’d really love to get on the wait list for the masters. Infact if there is more space with the switch to two days I’d love to just play. Hope to get to meet you in a few months.

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