Southern Ontario Open Expanding

The Southern Ontario Open has generated a huge amount of demand for additional spaces in the tournament. After consultations with organizers and the venue, it’s been decided to increase the Masters tournament to 96 spaces!

What does this mean?

First and foremost, it means a longer tournament: with the Swiss tournament system, an overall winner cannot be definitely determined in six or fewer rounds. Seven rounds in one day is absolutely out of the question – we will be playing four rounds on Saturday, and then the top 16 players will continue playing on Sunday to determine final standings.

How much will this cost me?

If you have pre-registered already, there will be no additional surcharge for the event. Furthermore, there will not be a separate fee for Sunday – paying once will now get you into both days.

I’m not registered yet, but I want to be! How do I go about doing that?

Currently we are working our way through contacting the wait listed players in order to make sure that they have spots. Once they have been taken care of, the remaining spots will be open for reservation on the main event site like usual.

I’m pre-registered, but I can’t make it on Sunday. Can I get a refund?

Absolutely. If the move to two days adversely affects your ability to come, email me at the Southern Ontario Open email account and we can work out getting you a refund.

What about gaming on Sunday?

We could not secure the same amount of space for Sunday as we did for Saturday, so while there will be additional gaming for those not in the top 16 on Sunday, space will be limited. The format that the gaming will take has not yet been determined, although suggestions are welcome. Current contenders include a theme force tournament, Speedmachine, or Kingmaker (High Command).

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