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Southern Ontario Open: Final Standings

Name Faction Score (SoS)(CP)(PC Destroyed) Marc-Andre LeBlanc Cygnar 6 (3.82)(20)(189) Gord Weppler Circle Orboros 5 (4.08)(13)(208) Alan Yu Cygnar 5 (3.8)(8)(115) David Beauchamp Cryx 5 (3.77)(18)(212) Charles Soong Skorne 5 (3.47)(6)(259) Owen Schindel Protectorate of Menoth 5 (3.43)(19)(287) Billy Nichols Khador 5 (3)(24)(306) Dustin McWhirter Cygnar 5 (2.84)(2)(261) Philippe Daigneault Mercenaries 4 (3.37)(24)(187) Bubba Dalton

Southern Ontario Open Expanding

The Southern Ontario Open has generated a huge amount of demand for additional spaces in the tournament. After consultations with organizers and the venue, it’s been decided to increase the Masters tournament to 96 spaces! What does this mean? First and foremost, it means a longer tournament: with the Swiss tournament system, an overall winner

Southern Ontario Open

When: Saturday May 24 – 25, 2014 Saturday: Registration starts at 10am, dice roll at 11am. Sunday: Games start at 11am. Where: Royal Canadian Legion Branch 58 View Larger Map What: This will be a tournament using the Masters 2014 rules set. You can go over the specifics of what that entails here, but here’s