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Southern Ontario Open: Final Standings

Name Faction Score (SoS)(CP)(PC Destroyed) Marc-Andre LeBlanc Cygnar 6 (3.82)(20)(189) Gord Weppler Circle Orboros 5 (4.08)(13)(208) Alan Yu Cygnar 5 (3.8)(8)(115) David Beauchamp Cryx 5 (3.77)(18)(212) Charles Soong Skorne 5 (3.47)(6)(259) Owen Schindel Protectorate of Menoth 5 (3.43)(19)(287) Billy Nichols Khador 5 (3)(24)(306) Dustin McWhirter Cygnar 5 (2.84)(2)(261) Philippe Daigneault Mercenaries 4 (3.37)(24)(187) Bubba Dalton

Canadian World Team Championships: Apply Here!

We have completed the application form for the World Team Championships and invite all motivated Canadian players in a position to do so to apply.  This is a costly trip, and team members will have to cover most of the costs themselves.  On top of that the committee will only be recruiting dedicated, passionate players

Canada Featured Image

Team Canada at WTC 2014: The Plan

The Warmachine and Hordes World Team Championships (WTC) this year have come and gone, Canada unrepresented.  For anyone unaware, the WTC is billed as “an independently run, annual, international team tournament for the game of Warmachine & Hordes created by Privateer Press.”  In practice, the event is one of the better examples of amazingly talented,