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Team Canada 2015

Team Canada 2015

After much deliberation, two teams have been created to represent Canada at Ireland for WTC 2015: Team Moose Tyler Webb (captain) Gord Weppler Brynn Holdstock Lukasz Kruszewski Jeff Everitt Team Goose Chandler Davidson (captain) Marc-André Leblanc David Beauchamp Chris Orr Charles Soong Congrats to Team Canada 2015!

GrotsCon 2014: Final Standings

Lists can be found here. GrotsCon Lists   GrotsCon 2014 Steamroller Report! Top 54 Players Name Faction Score (SoS)(CP)(PC Destroyed) 1 Ryan Tomlinson Cryx 6 (17.0)(10)(179) 2 Jeremy Brunner Trollbloods 5 (18.0)(1)(243) 3 Gerry Hodgson Trollbloods 5 (16.0)(0)(187) 4 Brynn Holdstock Protectorate of Menoth 4 (14.0)(17)(202) 5 Sean Wilde Trollbloods 3 (12.0)(13)(146) 6 Andy Huynh